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Gm. Another day, another Twitter alternative. At least this day also has dope AR laptop glasses.


Twitter But Make It Meta

Elon’s takeover of Twitter did more than turn Elon into the main character of Homescreen. It also led to an explosion in Twitter competitors.

First you had Mastodon. Then Bluesky. Then T2. Then Substack Notes. All of them (especially Bluesky) have had their moments, but none have yet dethroned the bird (Doge?) app.

Perhaps Meta’s new Twitter competitor is the chosen one.

Wait what?

That’s P92 To You

Yep, Meta is building a new social network under the codenames P92, Project 92, or Barcelona. The tagline: “Instagram for your thoughts”.

According to ICYMI, P92 will:

  • Be built on top of Instagram (obviously), with your login working on both and your Instagram followers ported over.

  • Have a centralized feed showcasing your followers and recommended content where you can post text updates up to 500 characters.

  • Will have creator controls and account safety features. Block to your heart’s desire.

  • Have a decentralized component, as users will be able to interact with other apps such as Mastodon.

  • Be here as soon as the end of June.

Basically: Twitter on Instagram.

Is This The One?

It’s hard to say, but it’s definitely the Twitter competitor with the largest built-in support network. After all, Instagram is one of the most popular apps in the world with over 1B monthly active users.

Couple that with the fact that 60% of Twitter users have taken a break from the platform in the past year and the popularity of relatively little fish like Bluesky, and suddenly the threat posed by P92 looks credible.

Twitter still benefits from supremely strong network effects, but that won’t last forever. Improvements will eventually have to be made.

Or else one of these Twitter alternatives will finally stick.

The Big Picture: New CEO Linda Yaccarino has much work to do to keep Twitter in pole position.

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The Monitor Of The Future

As everyone who uses a computer knows, having multiple monitors is an absolute game changer. It’s like elevating from living in a tent to living in a mansion.

The only problem with multiple monitors is you become spoiled. Suddenly you need multiple monitors all the time. But that’s not possible at somewhere like a coffee shop without looking like you have people locked in your basement.

Enter Spacetop, the coolest solution to this problem anybody could’ve possibly dreamed up.

The First AR Laptop

Created by the startup Sightful, Spacetop is the world’s first Augmented Reality (AR) laptop.

All you need to put on a pair of $2,000 glasses and like magic a 100-inch screen pops up.

It’s an awesome idea, and although it might not be ready to take over the computing market just yet, early reviews have come in quite positively.

Why should I care? Come on people, it’s glasses that project a virtual laptop screen. If you love tech, it’s hard not to love (at least the idea of) Spacetop.


What else is going on?

Stat: 60%: The percentage of workers who believe that AI can help mitigate burnout and improve job satisfaction.

Rabbit hole: Quantum Computing Could Break The Internet (Financial Times)


Wise words from the GOAT.


These four iconic places are among the world’s top filming locations. Can you rank them in order according to the number of movies filmed there?

  • The Eiffel Tower

  • Niagara Falls

  • Central Park

  • Trafalgar Square


The best resources we came across this weekend that will help you become a better founder, builder, or investor.

🥵 QuickCast uses hotkeys and AI to boost your efficiency.

🤝 Frame is the collaboration suite built to supercharge your team’s productivity.

🏀 It’s NBA playoffs szn, which means you need HoopsGPT.


Lay off Gen Z at your own risk.


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  1. Central Park - 352

  2. Niagara Falls - 143

  3. Trafalgar Square - 104

  4. The Eiffel Tower - 75