🏠 Rise Of The Twitter Killers

Catch me on Farcaster

Gm. Today’s article is about Farcaster. Funny story. I was on Farcaster really early on, but I never used it. Guess who didn’t get the NFT that’s now worth like $5,000.



Alternative Social Media Takes Off

Up to now, Twitter killers have existed more in the dreams of Elon haters than in reality.

That might be starting to change.

Threads, the Twitter clone from Meta, is up to 130 million monthly active users and is now being downloaded more than Twitter. With Meta pushing Threads’ viral posts to Facebook’s 2.11B daily active users, those numbers can easily run up higher.

Meanwhile, Bluesky, the preferred social media app of former Chief Twit Jack Dorsey, is finally opening up to the general public. You may remember Bluesky from last summer when they had a brief moment in the sun. Well, it turns out that the devs kept building, cause there are now 1.6 million monthly users, and that’s while in closed beta. Who knows where they can go now?

However, the hottest Twitter alternative right now is Farcaster. Just check out its daily active users chart:

This growth has largely been driven by the release of Frames, which enabled people to turn casts (tweets) into interactive mini-apps. For example, with Frames, I can shill you Homescreen and put an instant subscribe button right in the cast. Couple that functionality with airdrops to early adopters, and you have the recipe for (at least temporary) success.

The Big Picture: It’s way too early to tell if any of these platforms will dethrone Twitter. But what is clear is that there have never been more options for a quality text-based social media experience.

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Raise: ArteraAI secured $20M in funding to further personalize cancer therapy with multimodal AI.

Stat: 440: The number of people DocuSign just laid off. That’s 6% of the company. 440 people is only 6% of DocuSign’s workforce??


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