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Gm. What’s up everyone. I have some exciting personal news to share this beautiful morning: I’m launching a newsletter on everything VR, AR, and Spatial Computing. I’ve become convinced this is absolutely revolutionary tech, so I want to cover it as much as possible.

Enter Cyber Spatial.

If you’re not sick of me and have any interest in keeping up with all the latest spatial computing news, apps, and memes, then I really suggest subscribing.

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Hello, Vision Pro

After 17 years and 5000 patents, it’s finally here.

“It” is, of course, the Apple Vision Pro, which finally launched on Friday. 

Apple CEO Tim Cook calls it “tomorrow’s technology today”, and looking at everything people have used it for in just its first weekend, it’s hard to disagree.

The art is ridiculously immersive:

Sports are definitely never going to be the same:

Cooking might actually become fun:

Playing the piano is now…possible?

It’s easy to imagine this completely changing traveling.

Hell, vacuuming might even be fun now!

Only 4 more days until my demo 🙏.

The Big Picture: Spatial computing looks like the future. If you want to keep up with it beyond what we have time to cover in Homescreen, subscribe to Cyber Spatial. 

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Confirmed provides enriched information tailored for executive decision-makers. Make strategic choices based on real-time insights, and empower your sales team with the tools they need for success.

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In a company of your size, collaboration is key. Confirmed's Team Edition offers collaborative and reporting functions, allowing you to stay in sync with your sales team's activities effortlessly.

5. Platform-Specific Link Identification:

Confirmed's clickable icons not only showcase the web-meeting platform — whether MS-Teams, Zoom or other method — and also indicate if the link belongs to you or the other participant. No more confusion—just streamlined communication. 

Tailored to Your Workflow

Confirmed adapts to your processes, integrating seamlessly with MS 365, Outlook, Google, Salesforce, Zoho, Hubspot, and more. Customize the app to align with your company's unique workflow.

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Raise: Haven Energy, a climate tech company that is accelerating the adoption of home battery systems, announced a total of $7M in Series A funding.

Stat: $1.4B: The size of FTX’s stake in Anthropic, which they now understandably want to offload. It’s just crazy how close SBF was to getting away with it.


If you don’t believe in yourself, who will?


The Greatest Comeback Story Of Shark Tank History! Ring Doorbell! #sharktank #srubdaddy #sharkweek #sharkweek


For me, it’s a hard no:

For this week:

Has the demos changed your mind on Vision Pro?

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The best resources we came across this weekend that will help you become a better founder, builder, or investor.

🤝 Sekker lets you start collecting important customer reviews in minutes.

🍿 Claspo creates high-converting pop-ups for your website.

⛓️ LinkBoss is the smartest ever InterLinking tool.


This is where unicorns are born.


New STUDIO in New York City! #nycapartmenttour #newyorkcity #apartmenttoursnyc


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