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🏠 With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

Ain't nobody got time for (AI) irresponsibility

Gm. Get in loser, we’re being responsible.


🏠 AI

Building AI “Responsibly”

AI is as revolutionary a technology as we’ve seen maybe ever, but it does come with a whole metric ton of question marks and risks:

  • Chatbots like ChatGPT and Bard frequently just make sh*t up.

  • How do you combat AI-generated spam?

  • How will AI impact the workforce?

  • Will the creative arts be automated into irrelevancy?

  • How do you know who is real and who is an AI?

  • And, of course, what do we do if the AI decides it doesn’t feel like taking orders from us anymore?

These risks are why the people actually building AI are now spending so much time talking about building AI “responsibly”. Translation: building an AI that benefits society more than it harms.

Just this week, both OpenAI and Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai (very briefly) articulated what building AI responsibly might look like:

OpenAI began their exploration from the starting point that it’s conceivable a superintelligence more productive than today’s most powerful corporations will exist in the next 10 years (holy crap). To best control this beast, they recommended:

  • Some degree of coordination among the leading AI developers to ensure nobody is building anything too crazy.

  • An international regulatory body to make sure that this coordination among AI companies happens.

  • The technical capacity to make sure the superintelligence is safe, something that nobody currently has.

Google has a lot of the same thoughts:

  • Harbors the belief that AI needs to be regulated, and regulated well.

  • Need continued investment in responsible AI R&D.

  • International co-operation will be key.

Couple these messages with Sam Altman’s recent Congressional appearance and it’s clear that the question of regulation is at the forefront of every AI entrepreneur’s mind.

Why should I care? To paraphrase OpenAI: the AI cat is out of the bag. Regardless of if you believe talk of regulation from big tech is just a ploy to build a moat, it is true that if we want AI to benefit society, now is the time to think about how to do it.

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Bring Back TikTok!

It’s been a year full of bans and threatened bans for TikTok:

So yeah, it’s quite apparent that the powers-to-be have come to the conclusion that TikTok is Chinese spyware and must be eradicated at all costs. But up to now, they haven’t been able to stop the general population from slowly eroding their attention spans.

That is until the Treasure State (Montana, for those of you not up-to-speed with state slogans) banned the app last week.

To the surprise of absolutely nobody, TikTok (and their creators) is straight up not happy with the decision, and they are suing Montana over the ban’s alleged unconstitutionality:

  • According to TikTok, the ban violates their First Amendment rights.

  • They also claim that Montana has no right to enact a ban, arguing that power rests solely with the Feds.

  • Finally, they say the ban violates a law that bars governments from declaring guilt without a trial.

Montana obviously disagrees, but TikTok has a strong argument on their hands with the First Amendment and overstepping of state power.

In any case, the fate of TikTok now lies in the hands of America’s unassailable justice system.

The Big Picture: If TikTok loses this case, the road for a nationwide TikTok ban will officially be paved. If that happens you can bet Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts will be breaking out the champagne.


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