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Gm. Head in the clouds, ass on an airship.


Nvidia’s AI Miracle

When you think of tech companies, you think of FAANG and OpenAI. If you’re into crypto, throw Coinbase into that mix as well. Maybe there are some smaller startups you track, but for the most part, these are the names synonymous with “tech”.

Nvidia is nowhere near that radar for most people. They're not cooking up a flashy headset or Metaverse or AI utopia. They’re just a chipmaker.

But, due to a $184B rally on Thursday, that chipmaker is now (almost) the 5th member of the $1T club.

Thank You AI!

The cause of that breathtaking Thursday run? An absolute barnburner earnings report fueled by demand for AI chips, highlighted by their forecast of a record $11B in sales this quarter, soaring over Wall Streets expectations of $7B.

In this AI gold rush, Nvidia is the Dwight Schrute of picks-and-shovels.

Not Done Yet

As you’d expect out of a company hitting new heights, Nvidia is doubling-down on what got them to the dance, as CEO Jensen Huang announced a whole host of new AI products:

  • A customizable AI model foundry service with pre-trained game models for developers.

  • A robotics platform that will allow other companies to build their own robots.

  • The DGX GH200, a new AI supercomputer platform.

  • Spectrum X, a networking system built to speed up how fast AI data moves within data centers.

It’s a big shift for a company whose been around for 30 years now and used to focus on computer graphics chips, but it’s hard not to like it after looking at the results.

The Big Picture: Considering the intense demand for AI chips, we’re likely entering the chipmaking golden era.


Sergey’s Secret Airship Plot

At 25, Sergey Brin co-founded Google with Larry Page. At 31, he took Google public. Today, at age 49, he is the world’s 10th richest person with a net worth of $105 billion.

Brin seemingly has it all. He could retire to some beach and live out his days like a king. But, as is usually the case with uber-rich dudes, relaxation just isn’t in his DNA. Instead, he is using his fortune to secretly build a fleet of airships so large that the sky goes dark.

These Airships look like something straight out of Avatar (the Airbender, not the blue water people). 122 meters long, 20 meters deep, with wings on the top and bottom and a gondola for passenger onboarding

It’s an impressive-looking beast, and it’d definitely be fun to ride in. You can even picture a world where Airships are environmentally-friendly cargo mules. But none of that explains why Sergey is sinking at least $250M into the non-existent Airship business.

Turns out, it’s a mystery with a simple answer. In the same way that we spend money on things we like even if there’s no immediate payout, billionaires do the same. Except when they do it they buy airships, not Chipotle.

In other words, Sergey likes airships, so he’s building airships.

And we’re not complaining.

Why should I care? There might come a day when your Amazon packages are delivered via airship, and you’d likely have Sergey to thank for that.


What else is going on?

Stat: 69%: The percentage of American workers who are afraid to tell their bosses about AI use out of fear of being replaced.

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As a huge Lana Del Rey fan, this is scarily good:


News is so weird these days. Three of these headlines are fake stories from The Onion while one is actually true. Can you spot the truth amongst the fakes?

A. Jimmy Carter Embarks On Quest To Eat At Every Taco Bell In America

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C. Marjorie Taylor Greene Bids $100K For Kevin McCarthy’s Used Chapstick

D. Florida Bans Men From Becoming Nurses


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