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X enters AI

Gm. Another day, another AI chatbot. This got me thinking: how often do you all use AI? I personally use it almost every day for help summarizing articles, but maybe there’s other things I’m missing out on. Please let me know!


🏠 AI

Enter Grok

5 years after he left OpenAI, Elon is back in the AI game.

And, for that, he can thank X. Wait, the company formerly known as Twitter? Or xAI, his AI company?

Yes. Just yes.

xAI now has an AI chatbot, Grok, and its big selling point is that it has access to real-time information from X.

The model powering Grok is known as Grok-1, and it is pretty powerful. The only models that beat it are the giants: Palm 2, Claude 2, and GPT-4:

Considering that they’ve only been developing Grok for 4 months now, those results are pretty damn impressive.

Of course, no model is perfect. There is always the possibility of it spewing fake news. To combat this, xAI is planning to implement:

  • Scalable oversight with tool assistance. Basically, AI and humans team up to make sure the chatbot isn’t tweaking.

  • A process for giving Grok the ability to reason deeply about the world.

  • Methods for Grok to discover and retrieve information.

  • Defenses against various vulnerabilities and attacks.

  • Multimodal capabilities (i.e., vision and audio).

All that stuff is cool, but this is Elon we’re talking about here, so of course there’s more. In this case, the more is that Grok has a sense of humor. Observe:

Now we just need a way to adjust that like TARS and CASE in Interstellar.

Pay Up: If you want to use Grok without waiting on the waitlist, you’re going to have to fork over $16/mo for X Premium+.

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Raise: Eavor, a pioneer in the field of advanced geothermal energy solutions, raised $182M in financing.

Stat: 92% The percentage of young people who would give up other perks in exchange for a 4-day workweek. And I want a Lamborghini.

Rabbit hole: From T2 To Pebble (Gabor Cselle)


I don’t know why but I’ve just been thinking about this movie today lol.


Interesting results from last week’s poll.

But what do you think all think about this one?

Do you prefer raising capital or bootstrapping?

And why?

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The best resources we came across this weekend that will help you become a better founder, builder, or investor.

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💿 CopyRemix turns testimonials into case studies.

🤖 Success.ai supercharges your growth with AI-powered cold emails.


I never really thought about it like this….but yeah.


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