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GPTs or startup killers?

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Introducing GPTs

OpenAI had its DevDay on Monday (see the recap down below), and they dropped banger after banger. But the highlight of the conference, or at least the part that got the most people talking, was the release of GPTs.

These little buggers are custom versions of ChatGPT that you can create for a specific purpose with nothing but natural language. Basically, you can now create any GPT wrapper right inside ChatGPT without needing a lick of coding ability.

Let Sam Altman demonstrate by building a startup mentor in less than 4 minutes:

Any ChatGPT Plus subscriber can create and share GPTs publicly. Right now, that gives no benefit beyond helping your common man (and maybe some clout on X). But that will change later this month with the release of the GPT Store. Think the App Store for GPTs. If you’re GPT pops off on the GPT Store, you’ll be compensated for your efforts.

As you’d probably expect, this threw AI entrepreneur X for a loop. Some are polishing up their resumes for the inevitable job search. Some are pivoting harder than Ross Geller. And others see it as no big deal.

But whether you’re a proud founder of a ChatGPT wrapper or an enjoyer of AI on the sidelines, it’s probably a smart idea to get involved in this early. It’s not every day (or decade) that an opportunity like this comes along.

One Small Step For OpenAI, One Giant Step For AIs: GPTs could very well be the first step toward an AI agent dominated world, especially because what OpenAI has today will look “quaint” next year. 







Raise: Oxide Computer Co., a developer of on-premise cloud computers, has raised $44M in Series A funding.

Stat: 90%: How much OpenSea got marked down by one of their investors. This comes on the heels of OpenSea laying off 50% of its staff. Mom, Dad, I want to go home now.


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