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🏠 From Apple Trees To Search Seas

Google might have some comp

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The Apple Search Engine

Google spends an unfathomable amount of money to have Google Search as the default search engine on Apple’s devices. We’re talking up to $20B a year in straight payments and up to $8B a year in commissions from Search’s advertising empire.

That’s tens of billions of dollars that go straight into Apple’s pockets, and they don’t have to lift a finger to get it. It’s basically legalized money printing.

But what if there was an even better option? What if they could ditch Google completely and run their own search engine?

It sounds out of left field, but resident Apple expert Mark Gurman says it may be closer to reality than you think. After all, Apple has been messing around with search engine technology for years now:

  • They have their own search engine for the App Store, Maps, Apple TV, and News.

  • They’ve developed a next-gen internal search engine under the codename Pegasus.

  • Spotlight is already basically a baby search engine.

  • They have their own in-house advertising technology team.

  • They acquired the AI-powered search engine Laserlike in 2019.

And not only do they have the technology, but they have the motive as well. An Apple Search Engine could immediately become an Apple Watch-sized revenue stream (~$14B to $18B). That’s not quite as much as Apple’s current deal with Google, but it’d likely be a hell of a lot more than any Google deal if Search is found to be a monopoly.

Please, God, bring us the Apple Search Engine and AppleGPT expeditiously.

The Big Picture: An Apple search engine would fit Apple’s MO of technological self-reliance.



  • Early adopters rejoice, Apple is making sure the iPhone 15 doesn’t melt your hand off.

  • Nvidia’s offices were raided by the antitrust authorities in France.

  • Apparently Google’s search advertising is as good a business as cigarettes and drugs.

  • Netflix is officially out of the DVD business.





Raise: Laverock Therapeutics raised £13.5M in seed funding to develop a gene splicing platform.

Stat: $20M: How much Twitter X has paid out to creators so far.

Rabbit hole: The Mobile Revolution vs. The AI Revolution (Digital Native)


No video today, but got an inspiring success story for you all.


I tend to agree with the results of last week’s poll:

But let’s see if I agree with your thoughts on this one:

Will Google Search be ruled a monopoly?

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The best resources we came across this weekend that will help you become a better founder, builder, or investor.

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🤝 Colors uses AI to unlock growth via customer feedback.


Absolutely insane.


Never seen anything like this. #sphere


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