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Biden Regulates AI

Chalk one up for the “we need to regulate AI” crowd.

On Monday, President Biden signed an executive order to regulate AI. He is calling it “the most significant action any government, anywhere in the world, has ever taken on AI safety, security, and trust”.

At more than 100 pages long, he may have been telling the truth.

Beyond being very long, the order:

  • Require companies with models trained with 10 to the 26th power (100 trillion trillion) floating operations to perform safety tests on their models and share the results of the tests before releasing them to the public. For context, GPT-4 has 20 trillion trillion operations. So this regulation will only apply to future models, although it will likely have to be modified as models get smaller and better.

  • Addresses obvious threats like deepfakes and weapon development.

  • Acknowledges the ways that AI can be used to immediately improve our lives, such as cyberdefense, drug discovery, and personalized education.

It’s a big order, but it has a blind spot: open-source.

The order doesn’t as much as mention open-source, which is peculiar considering the strength of the open-source AI movement. If open-source AI becomes what many people believe it will be, then safety testing just closed-sourced models likely won’t be enough.

It’s an interesting problem, but this is definitely not the last piece of AI regulation to come out of Washington. Let’s see where things go from here.

Foul Play Involved?: Big AI has been asking for regulation for months now, but are those requests truly altruistic? Not everybody is convinced.

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